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Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines

Mass courts apply a set of guidelines to income of both parents, that determines the amount of child support to be awarded to the custodial parent. The calculation includes all earned and unearned income. The guidelines also provides for the situation in which there is shared physical custody.

If you have questions about your prospective Massachusetts child support obligations in your pending divorce, or what you should expect to receive as a custodial parent, call the Law Office of Shelah T. Feiss, in Wellesley. We can sit down together with your financial information and I will apply the formula to see how the state guidelines will affect your case. I will also use my experience and knowledge of child support law to determine what income or financial assets, or debt obligations, can be excluded from the formula.

I can also help you arrange a modification of your current child support obligation, or enforce child support payments if the non-custodial parent is in contempt of the judgment or in arrears.

Wellesley Alimony Attorney

If alimony will be a consideration in your divorce, make sure your rights and financial interests are protected. I can help you understand how your income, debt and other factors will affect the amount you may be awarded or the amount you may have to pay. There are many financial considerations about spousal support that many people don’t think about. Some of these include:

  • How seeking alimony may impact the division of your marital debt
  • What impact spousal support will have on your taxes
  • The length of time you will be paid (or obliged to pay) alimony
  • Modifying your alimony order if financial circumstances change for either party
  • How child custody affects alimony
  • Enforcing alimony payments

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