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Contempt of Court in Massachusetts

Contempt of Court for Violating a Court Order to Pay Alimony or Child Support

Under Massachusetts law, a person cannot be held in contempt charges for missing alimony or child support payments unless there is clear and convincing evidence that the individual has willfully violated a clear court order. Missing a monthly payment due to financial circumstances such as health problems or losing a job does not necessarily constitute contempt of court. The critical factor the court will look at is whether the person had the means to pay the obligation, but refused to do so as a deliberate means to violate the judgment.

I am attorney Shelah Feiss of the Law Office of Shelah T. Feiss in Wellesley, Massachusetts. If you are seeking enforcement of a Massachusetts child support or alimony obligation, call me to arrange an evaluation of your case and the enforcement legal services I offer. I will give you an honest evaluation of your case, so you can decide what level of enforcement and collections actions you can take, including contempt charges, if circumstances permit.

Modification of a Judgment

The courts understand that financial, employment and social circumstances change over time, following divorce. If you are the recipient of a support payment, and have been notified of a proposed modification that you oppose, I can help. If you are unable to meet your current level of child support or alimony obligations because of losing your job, health problems or other factors, I can help. Call my office at 781-304-4481 to discuss the circumstances leading to your need for a modification action or your need to defend one. I will provide a no-cost initial consultation on the phone.

Often, negotiating a change between yourself and your ex-spouse or custodial parent of your child is sufficient to resolve the matter without legal action. However, if you decide that taking court action is your only alternative for the relief you need, I have the experienced and expertise to provide effective representation and advice on creative resolutions.

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I am an experienced Wellesley child support modification lawyer clients have been trusting for 20 years. I represent clients in family law matters in communities throughout the Metro West region and Boston metro area. Contact my offices for a free initial telephone consultation. I waive my personal office consultation fee if you retain me to represent you.