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If you are facing divorce, it is a natural reaction to allow frustrations, fears and emotions to rule the day. I am Massachusetts family law attorney Shelah Feiss. After two decades of focusing my legal career on helping people through divorce in Metro West communities and the Boston metro region, I have seen hundreds of otherwise rational people make near-sighted decisions based on fear and confusion. An emotional courtroom battle over the children or property is rarely in the best interest of anyone. Since I opened the Law Office of Shelah T. Feiss, I have always followed one simple philosophy: to provide clear explanations that will allow clients to make reasonable decisions based on the law, rather than raw emotion.

We Will find Solutions That Make Sense for the What You Need Out of Your Divorce

If you are shopping around for a law firm, you are likely to find many experienced divorce lawyers who will offer compassionate, responsive representation. But be careful of soothing, comforting words. Yes, you will need a lawyer you can lean on, and one who will fight for you, but you will also need to hear some direct, hard truths about your expectations and decisions.

You Are Paying Your Lawyer for the Truth and Sound Legal Advice. I Promise Both.

I often talk to prospective clients who expect to walk out of a marriage getting everything their way, leaving their ex-spouse in poverty or with no child visitation rights. Sorry. Divorce judgments aren’t handed down as punishment. Nobody ever gets everything he or she wants, no matter how much the other spouse is to blame. The judge will make legal decisions based on divorces decided before you were born, involving people you have never met, in towns you have never visited.

The Only Reason to Invest In Your Lawyer

You deserve sound legal advice and effective advocacy, based on a truthful explanation of Massachusetts marital property and child custody laws. After more than 20 years, I am always most satisfied to hear my clients say they appreciate my directness and ability to explain things from the judge’s perspective.

Over the next several months, you will be facing some tough decisions. I will make the first one easy. Call me at 781-304-4481. I offer a free initial telephone consultation to see if we are right for each other. If we are both comfortable with the tone and direction of our phone conversation, we can schedule a personal, in-depth meeting in my office. I will waive the office consultation fee if you retain my services.

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I am an experienced Wellesley divorce lawyer clients have been trusting for 20 years. I represent clients in family law matters in communities throughout the Metro West region and Boston metro area. Contact my offices for a free initial telephone consultation today.